Product Review: Wild Zora Foods

I often get opportunities to evaluate camping related products during my outdoor adventures. On this outing, I was able to pack a variety of Wild Zora snacks and meals to help fuel this physically demanding trip.

The genesis for Wild Zora began in 2011 with a family that discovered the benefits of Gluten-Free, Paleo, and Primal foods.  After developing their own, sharing with friends and family, the founders decided to package and offer their creations to the public.  They offer meat and veggie bars, paleo meals to go, soups and teas.  All are claimed to be prepared with minimally processed, high quality ingredients.  The company states that it is mindful of diet restrictions and allergies.

Testing conditions:

I tested the product over several weeks under somewhat adverse but consistent conditions.  The food was used to fuel a physically demanding trip where calorie dense foods were needed.  I needed to be able to consume around 4000 calories a day to be able to backpack for miles and to climb 14,000 foot Colorado peaks.  Space and weight were taken into consideration as well.  We would be preparing the meals at high elevation which would affect how long and effective reconstitution of the dehydrated food would take. During most of the cooking times, temperatures were between 40-60 degrees.

Things that stood out:

  • Conveniently packaged. Durable with no excessive packaging.
  • Shelf life was way longer than what I needed for this trip so if any was left over, it would keep for my next trip.
  • The meals and flavors offered are not limited to your common camping meals offered by others. CHECK OUT SOME OF THESE FLAVORS!
  • There is no shortage of flavor in the meals. Nothing bland about them.
  • Ingredients are top shelf and the meals and snacks have such a short but impressive ingredient list, you know you are doing your body good.

My preferences for improvement:

  • Adjustment needed in how I ate it because of the dimensions of the meal packages. Narrow and tall vs short and wide made me adjust how I consumed the meal.

Summary of experience with Wild Zora:

These meals are POPPING with flavor!  Since what we like in our meals is a personal preference, some may not like the strong flavors but I loved them.  I am a little adventurous with my food and the flavors in all the meals I tried were distinct and pleasing – think gourmet vs fast food.

The food is packaged with the outdoor enthusiast in mind.  Easy to tuck away in my backpack without being a space or weight hog and the snacks were perfect when I went “peakbagging” with a smaller daypack.  Calorie dense.  I was able to easily take 4 meat/veggie bars with my on mountain climbs and averaged 120 calories a bar.  The bars provided satisfying protein and fat calories that complimented my quick carb foods I packed.

Will absolutely be a part of my meals on future adventures.


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