In the Workplace, Appearance Still Counts for A Lot

In June of 2012, the University of Virginia
announced the resignation of its president, Teresa Sullivan.  Faculty
members received an e-mail indicating that the dismissal was due to a
“philosophical difference of opinion” with the institution’s governing
board.  Sullivan had been with the university just two years, and in the
opinion of some, had been let go for little or no reason.

College presidents are chief executives too

In the New York Times Magazine,
Sullivan’s allies suggested that she didn’t fit the governing board’s
image of a chief executive.  Sullivan’s fashion sense, which was
typically academic, had apparently offended the higher-ups.  During
Sullivan’s performance review, she received comments that her dress was
too informal. “I don’t know what the unprofessional dress was,” Sullivan
told the Times. “I do live here at the university, so when I’m working
out or doing something else here, people will see me.”

Would the same criticism be given to a man? Here what I think over at Intuit's Fast Track blog.

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