Gear Review: CRKT Sweet K.I.S.S Knife


CRKT is a 20+ year old knife company offering quality affordable knives for multiple uses. K.I.S.S. stands for “Keep It Super Simple” and the Ed Halligan designed Sweet K.I.S.S. does just that. Slim, sleek, and sharp!


This is a knife that is designed to where around your neck and used for emergency personal protection. Yes, that means, should you be in harms way, this is a knife you could use to defend yourself from an attacker. I do a lot of hiking and camping alone and while I am not overly concerned about running into people with bad intentions, I do like to be prepared.


While its main purpose may be for personal protection, I wanted it to test it out as a useful tool in my outdoor lifestyle. It’s overall length is just over 7 ½ inches a modified tanto blade with a black oxide finish measuring in at just over 4 inches. The blade is made from 8Cr13MoV which is a pretty good material for an “every day carry” knife. It won’t hold an edge as long as a better quality steel but does sharpen easily you can get a wicked sharp edge on it.


Being a neck knife, if found it very convenient on the canoe trip. The knife was very accessible but still out of the way. The cord is adjustable and has an adjustable stop on it that would give way should it get hung up on a branch or something. Nice feature to prevent getting strangled by your own knife!


Not really into single use items, I did want a knife that could do more than just stand up to stabbing an attacker. The incredibly sharp edge made slicing camp food a breeze. Check out my video HERE to see how easily it went through a ripe tomato.


Extremely pleased with the knife and would highly recommend it should you have similar needs.




· Light but durable


· Easy to get to in emergency situation


· VERY SHARP out of the box


· Perfect tension to hold inverted in sheath but easy to get out


· Great looking


· Affordable




· Little dangerous if your hand should slip on the thin, short handle


· Leather lanyard on end is nice for added “real estate” when pulling out or gripping but could be made more substantial


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