5 Work Habits to Break Today

Okay, it’s honesty time.  I do some of these – what about you?

Being 10 minutes late for everything

You may run late in all aspects of your life, or maybe you just do it
at work because you’ve over-scheduled your time.  Either way, stop
being the person who’s always holding things up.  Being punctual will
endear you to your colleagues and protect you in case your manager
happens to be a clock-watcher.

Spending too much time on personal stuff

We’ve all been there.  Things are a little slow at the office, so the
work hours between 10AM-12PM are spent shopping on Amazon, checking
Facebook, and reading gossip sites.  As much as you can, strive to curb
this behavior.  If you need something to do, volunteer to help a
colleague or invest in your professional development.


The business world isn’t always an easy place to be, but whining
about negative circumstances or annoying people only makes your
situation worse.  Try to be the solution-oriented person on your team
who is always looking for ways to turn a bad scenario into a more
positive one.

For a few more bad habits to watch out for, have a look at Intuit’s Fast Track blog.

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